söndag, maj 28, 2006

Substitute hunt

So, on the plus side this morning, it seems to develop into an excellent hair day, which is most welcome. In my little purse of minus lies accident including vicious razorblade. Also, I'm all out of toothpaste. A catastrophy for a dental maniac. One could maybe use Yes handwash? I have the green stuff. Or that acid toilet cleaning powder? No? Fresh lemon then? Some kind of tree bark? To knock on my neighbour's door is perhaps the most appealing anyway. I'll give you a full report later on with, hopefully, bright shining and clean teeth.

4 kommentarer:

Anonymous moisthlm sa...

Salt. Use salt dearest. Disgusting but it sort of works.

Whatever you do, do not combine salt and lemon, though. Auch!

5/28/2006 12:03 em  
Anonymous david sa...

Lovely, you write in english too seldom. I agree on the salt, yes. Me myself and I tried tequila last night, salty stuff. Me teeth look kinda worn out.

All them hugs.

5/28/2006 1:05 em  
Blogger Christina sa...

salt, yuck?

d dear, I forget. how's your swedish coming along?

5/28/2006 2:29 em  
Anonymous Anonym sa...

Hi C got your areaaddress from David. I must say Sweden sounds more and more tempting. I'm the one he's planning to go with.

I'll visit you again.


5/28/2006 2:55 em  

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