söndag, oktober 21, 2007


So, now it's done and I'm one happy cow again. (Again?) More people than I expected showed up at the... framläggning and the room was actually quite crowded. During the first thirty seconds or so I was so damn nervous I considered shutting up to make my voice not tremble, a not so constructive solution in the long run. Since Mister Professor stole my initiating lines by saying welcome to himself I kind of had to figure out some new words to get started. It felt like having to begin reeling off the alphabet not starting at A, but hey, I'm almost a real scientist now and must be able to crack bigger problems than that. Accordingly, I made a humming noise, looked like a geek and said nothing (it works everytime). After that puzzling little moment I turned calm. I thought this is my show and started speaking, waving my arms and explaining the fine art of bitrate smoothing while I showed the lovely audience my stunning powerpoint slides and, actually, felt like queen of the world. Well, ISY that is. Afterwards my supervisor at the company popped a bottle of champagne and we had ourselves a little geek party right then and there! Both Mister Professor and Mister Supervisor seemed pleased with my work and I could shake the feeling of my thesis being an attempt to make a mountain out of a molehill. In the evening I put on my new dress, mismatched my boyfriend the t-shirt guy yet again, and had a great time with some friends eating dinner at an indian restaurant down town Linköping. Later, maybe a little bit too much whisky, sambuca and jäger went down my throat but not too too much and we danced to almost Interpol and Billy Idol and the world turned around us for a change, not the other way around. Yes, not the other way around. It was nice.

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Blogger Gustav sa...

Man får gratulera!

10/21/2007 10:41 fm  
Anonymous chris sa...

tack vännen! hoppas allt är bra i götet också, verkar inte vara det på alla fronter.


10/21/2007 10:53 fm  
Anonymous G sa...

Can't beat Billy Idol - "Dancing with myself". See you around

10/21/2007 7:45 em  
Blogger eff sa...

Ah, cool. So the deed is done. Congratumilations.

And I've been proven right. You could do it. Not that there was even a second of doubt in my mind. This goes for everything, not just you yammering on about geeky stuff (you could do that in your sleep to be honest).

10/21/2007 9:54 em  
Blogger Christina sa...

G, we have to do it again soon. You know it.

eff, thankyou. I will try sleeping and yammering now. love,


10/21/2007 11:03 em  
Anonymous e sa...


10/21/2007 11:14 em  
Blogger Maria sa...

Jag tycker att du är så cool, vet du det? :)

10/22/2007 7:22 fm  

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