lördag, januari 21, 2006

I'm a comin'!

I'm leaving for Stockholm in a few hours. After a total absence of slightly more than a week I decided to go home. (Away, home, wherever I live.) I do have a week soul, no doubt. Anyway, on the agenda for tonight are the delicat matters of making Ely believe in love again and to drink ridiculous amounts of red wine without a) talking too much, b) talking too much to people I don't know, c) practise drunk dialing. Considering the way my day started out, with me using hair conditioner on my winter -and therefore light red- face instead of very gentle ACO-soap for dry skin, I should probably just stay in bed, watch some (more) tennis and eat liquid food with a straw. Nah, doesn't sound like very much fun now, does it? I think I'll stick with the original plan. That way, I will be guaranteed the pleasant aquintance of Agony&Headache on Sunday.

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