torsdag, januari 19, 2006

Half a year

This is for D, as promised.

There's silent snow falling down outside my window, landing on the branches of the apple tree making it all beautiful again. The sky is bright white. My mind's gone drifting, as quite often nowadays, into places I can best reach after two or more cups of coffee in a too short space of time. I wonder where I will be a year from now, or even a month from now, a week from now. Considering my previous known and well developed habit of changing my mind in a split second, I guess I might aswell stop guessing. There are two things I would like to accomplish within a year. First and foremost, my education and the finishing of it. And I would like to do it gracefully too, not in frustration, anger or dissatisfaction. Secondly, I want to figure out a way to make real my dreams of a creative work. What would calm me down, make me feal at ease, put me on a higher ground?

I have come a long way since last August. Maybe no one but me, the inside of me, has noticed the difference. There is, anyway, a great difference and that makes me calm and I honestly believe now, things can get even better by my own willpower to make them so. Tonight Tiger Lou is performing here at a local bar and I'll be there, making things a little better.

With love.

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