onsdag, oktober 10, 2007


(I'm kinda fond of this English thing...) So today I broke all previous records of eating my lunch pack before it's lunch time, or before it's anything time really. You who've read my blog for a while already know about my standard procedure with lunch packs on trains; how I ususally finish them before we've reached Älvsjö (about five minutes from Stockholm Central). Then, in the trembling prehistoric time, I used to spend the following six hours to Oslo in total boredom without as much as a dry slice of cucumber to feast on, or the two hours to Linköping drinking five or so cups of SJ coffee, which as everyone know makes you a bit funny in both upper and lower regions. Got to think about Fry drinking one hundred cups of coffee in that episode of Futurama now... PUT THE POT DOWN; GO! Oh well, where was I, yes: today I thus broke all previous records as I actually ate my lunch sandwich just now, and my train to Göteborg leaves Stockholm at quarter past three THIS AFTERNOON. That's like five hours before I'm even seated. I just couldn't help myself. With the coffe brewer making that cosy sound and the nasal CNN girl talking about giant nature cathastrophies around the globe I suddenly found my made for later lunch sandwich irrestistible. Gone in 60 seconds. Now I have to eat red onion and banana on the train 'cause that's all that's left. I wonder what miracles onion and coffee could accomplish.

Right, leaving for Göteborg for two days, back on Friday afternoon. Visiting my sweet sister on the country's backside.

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Blogger erika sa...

Was?? I guess you know the proverb västkusten = bästkusten?

Using my private mac here at work...

10/10/2007 10:19 fm  
Blogger Christina sa...

jorå, men alltså ibland måste man ju retas med folket... jag är som du vet väldigt fäst vid västkusten. fästkusten!

10/10/2007 10:21 fm  
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